RULES-Rules are in place for two reasons: your safety, and fairness in the race.  These are the most common rule violations and questions.

            WETSUITS-You can use a wetsuit if the water temperature is 78.0 degrees or cooler.  If the water temperature is between 78.1 degrees and 84 degrees, you can wear a wetsuit but are not eligible for awards or prizes.  If the water temperature is 84.1 degrees or warmer you can not wear a wetsuit. 

            GLASS CONTAINERS-No glass containers are allowed in the transition area.

            ENTRY TO TRANSITION AREA-Only race participants are allowed in the transition area. No family or friends are allowed, to ensure the safety of your fellow athletes and their equipment.

            PUBLIC NUDITY-You can not undress at any point during the race (this includes the transition area).  Public urination is also not allowed.

            HELMET-You must have your helmet buckled at all points while you are mounted on your bike. 

            HEADSETS AND RADIOS-You can not have any radio or headphones on at any point during the race.

            DRAFTING-You must not follow closer than 7 meters to the biker in front of you.  This is typically judged by having 3 bike lengths between your front wheel and the rear wheel of the cyclist in front of you.

            BLOCKING-You must ride to the right of the lane (white line) except when passing.  You have fifteen seconds to begin and complete a pass of another cyclist. 

            OVERTAKEN-As soon as another athlete’s wheel passes in front of yours, you have 15 seconds to drop back out of the 7 meter draft zone.  You have the responsibility to fall back.

            PACING-No athlete can have anyone from outside the race run, drive, or bike alongside them during the race. 

            PENALTIES-Most of these violations are assessed after the race and the athlete is not notified at the time the athlete commits the violation, but has the right to challenge or question the head referee regarding the violation after the penalties have been posted.

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