Starting in a triathlon event you are going to have to buy a bike. For those who are breaking into the sport and are looking for a quality bike at an inexpensive price,  used triathlon bikes are a great way to start your quest.

Knowing where to search for your triathlon bike can be a challenge all its own. You can always find ads running about used fitness equipment in the papers but those are sites unseen. When you know where to look you can find incredible deals on what is basically new merchandise. Most triathlon bike owners are very careful with the upkeep of their equipment and their bikes are no exceptions. A used bike store can be a good resource however they do have overhead and sales people to pay so they are not always going to be your best price and when looking for a used triathlon bike another big challenge is since a triathlon bike is a specialized bike, the used bike store may not have any triathlon bikes. If they do have a triathlon bikes, the variety will probably not be that great.

Searching the internet is a great resource but the challenge there is knowing how to weed through all the different websites all offering bikes you have never heard of. You definitely want to do your research and ask questions when ever possible. Having an idea of the style of bike you are looking for will definitely help in your search. Always remember your budget especially in the beginning when you are testing the waters. Your equipment along with your training will be keys to your success. Keep focus and you will succeed!

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